Call for Papers: The End of the Roman Climate Optimum and the Disintegration of the Roman Empire (Deadline: 30.11.2021)

Submissions welcome for the first international conference specifically devoted to the "Roman Climate Optimum" and its impact on the fate of the Roman Empire (Valais, 29.08.–01.09.2022).

Workshop "Roman Waters: Literature, Archaeology, and New Technologies" (LMU Munich)

Contribution by Prof. Dr. Sabine Huebner "The Nile river in Roman times: A multidisciplinary approach to studying climate, environment and society" (Thu. 16.09.2021, 09:20).

Researchers at the University of Basel: New Perspectives on the Ancient World

Climate change, family life, pandemics – ancient historian Sabine Huebner investigates the everyday life of people 2000 years ago and is frequently inspired by current events.

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"Like today, the consequences of climate change were not the same everywhere": Monsoon and Emigration in 3rd Century Roman Egypt

Explaining how climatic change caused the decline of the Fayum villages, Prof. Dr. Sabine Huebner's "Studies in Late Antiquity" article synthesizes the historical record with natural proxies.

Workshops "Data Scarcity in the Ancient Mediterranean" (Stanford U)

Take part in Prof. Dr. Sabine Huebner's Zoom-Workshop "Resettlement as Climate Change Adaption? Water stress, conflict and displacement in the later Roman Fayum/Egypt" (Fri. 20.11.2020, 19:00) on environmental conditions in the 3rd c. CE.

Virtual Talk Series: “Pandemics in the Past: from Prehistory to (almost) the Present” (Princeton U)

Join the conversation on pandemics with Prof. Dr. Sabine Huebner's contribution "The 'Plague of Cyprian': Sources, Problems, Origins" (Thu. 28.05.2020, 19:30), Online via Zoom.

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"This fascination with mortality rates during an epidemic is nothing new": Plague in the Third Century Roman Empire

Prof. Dr. Sabine Huebner looks back at the pandemic that ravaged the Roman Empire during the Third Century CE, and highlights the aspects mirrored in our behavior during COVID-19 today.

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Ancient History featured as part of "Covid-19-Research Projects"

Check out the University of Basel's current pandemic-related research, featuring our project "The Roman Egypt Laboratory: Climate Change, Pandemics, and the Transition to Late Antiquity".