Workshops "Data Scarcity in the Ancient Mediterranean" (Stanford U)


Take part in Prof. Dr. Sabine Huebner's Zoom-Workshop "Resettlement as Climate Change Adaption? Water stress, conflict and displacement in the later Roman Fayum/Egypt" (Fri. 20.11.2020, 19:00) on environmental conditions in the 3rd c. CE.

Coordinated by faculty (Ian Morris, Walter Scheidel) and graduate students (James Macksoud, Ümit Öztürk) of the Stanford Humanities Center, the workshop series aims to explore the ways in which theoretical approaches, statistical tools and inferential models drawn from social and natural sciences can be combined with humanistic perspectives to overcome the challenges of data scarcity in ancient Mediterranean studies.

Envisioning a close collaboration of archaeologists and historians with researchers from the fields of demography, economics, political science, sociology, statistics, biology and environmental sciences, the workshop will provide a formal venue for regular interdisciplinary conversations about best practices for dataset construction, historical perspectives on quantification, and theoretical contributions to managing issues of data scarcity. Register using the link below: